Try different communication methods

While e-mails and phone calls are still important today, it is well worth it to look into some more modern communication devices. A great place to start are social media like Instagram or facebook, which you are probably already using in your personal life.

Pay extra attention to the last mile of your cargo

Even though you should pay special attention to all stages of your shipment, the last mile delivery is crucial as it will leave a lasting impression on your clients, either positive or negative. If there are any special requests, make sure to inform your staff to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Transparency is key

Visibility is key in key in today’s logistics industry as it will allow your customer to improve their efficiency as well as their overall experience with your company. That is why it is a good idea to invest in some of the newest logistics tracking software.

Continuously update your clients

Clients want to be updated about every stage of their shipments, not just about the arrival. Even in the case of problems you encounter along the way, it is important that communicate with your client in a fast and clear manner.

Only choose reliable partners

Since every step of the shipping will be handles by a different partner, you want to ensure that these are reliable as your customers will hold you accountable in case something goes wrong. Becoming a member of a logistics network like the Apollo Cargo Alliance will, which only consists of trustworthy freight forwarders, will make it so much easier to pick the perfect partners for your company.