Incentive payback system

Apollo can proudly state that it has its own service contract, which is applicable all over the world by all of our members. More specifically, the contract grants members a US$ 1 W/M incentive for every less than container (LCL) co-load through our worldwide service contracts.

160 countries

Our worldwide service contract is supported by more than 8.500 team members in 300 offices across 160 countries. This allows them to benefit from low ocean freight and local costings.

2.400 direct trade lanes

Our global service contract includes 2.400 direct export trade lanes, which allows for quicker shipping and higher cargo security. Additionally, it includes special features like online track-and-trace codes and sailing schedules.

31.000 port pairs

On top of that, the service contract allows our family members access to no less than 31.000 port pair possibilities, which gives them the opportunity to ship their cargo all over the globe.

Exceptional perk for Apollo members

Even though many of our competitors promise their members worldwide service contracts, global agreements and arrangements, they eventually always fail to live up to expectations. Hence, our mutual service contract stresses Apollo’s position as a premium exclusive network.