Credit risk insurance

To rule out the worry of not getting paid by your fellow network members, the Apollo membership includes a unique and tailor made credit risk insurance up to a maximum of US$ 50.000.

Bankruptcies, protracted

On top of that, our credit risk insurance does not only protect against insolvency, but also against suspected insolvency, bankruptcy and protracted default. This way, you can do business without worrying about any financial problems.

No bond or trust funding

Since our credit risk insurance is outsourced to a neutral third party insurance company, we are able to handle any problems, which are rare, without applying trust funds or trust bonding. This ensures our member that insolvency claims are treated in a fair and independent manner.

Classified A- by S&P

Furthermore, our insurance company is among the best in the world. Since it is registered with insurance market Lloyd’s of London and classified by Standard & Poor’s with a strong rating (A-), it is unbelievably reliable.

Payment monitoring & arbitration

A monitoring system is in place, which allows our members to report outstanding payments with fellow members. If a member still fails to settle its debt after intervention of the Apollo management, we will install a neutral arbitration committee to decide on the matter.

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