Financial security for invoices under dispute

The Apollo Cargo Alliance is one of the only logistics networks that always takes up its reponsibilities. In the case of overdue invoices, we ask our members to report these through our online member area. Thanks to our unique financial security procedure, we are able to resolve these kind of disputes in a neutral and amicable manner.

Financial security protecting against insolvency and bankruptcy

On top of that, our financial security does not only protect against insolvency, but also against suspected insolvency, bankruptcy and protracted default. This way, members of our logistic network can do business without worrying about any financial problems.

falling somino tiles illustrating the importance of our financial security

Financial security through our credit risk insurance

To rule out the worry of not getting paid by fellow members of our logistics network, the Apollo membership includes a financial security through a unique and tailor made credit risk insurance, which offers protection up to a maximum of US$ 50.000.

Financial security classified A- by S&P

Furthermore, our insurance company is among the best in the world. Since it is registered with insurance market Lloyd’s of London and classified by Standard & Poor’s with a strong rating (A-), it makes our financial security unbelievably reliable.

Our financial security is rated A- by Standard & Poor's

Financial security through FDRS

In the rare case that our members’ overdue invoices are not eligible for compensation by our regular credit risk insurance, we still want to offer them the opportunity to recover their debts through our partners at Forwarders Debt Recovery Services (FDRS). Since they are an international debt collection agency specializing in the freight forwarding industry, our members are guaranteed a personal and thorough follow-up of each case, from amicable solution to court action.