Why an exclusive logistics network?

At the Apollo Cargo Alliance, we want to ensure that our international logistics agents can always rely on the right partners with local expertise in the right location. That is why we designed our exclusive logistics network in such a way that we only accept a limited amount of international logistics agents per country or region, of which at least one for sea and one for air.

How do we manage our exclusive logistics network?

The Apollo Cargo Alliance is an exclusive logistics network reserved for the very best international logistics agents in the industry. To achieve regional exclusivity, we aim ontrolling the number of members per region. Hence, we implemented a multiple membership protection, in order to prevent network saturation and heavy internal competition. This exclusivity makes Apollo really unique compared to other international logistics networks.

world map showing an international logistics network

An exclusive logistics network with clear rules and regulations

In order to maintain our standard of excellence, international logistics agents who are a member of our exclusive network are obliged to adhere to our strict rules and regulations, which are clearly outlined in our code of ethics, which you can find below.

Our exclusive logistics network code of ethics

Below, you will find our code of ethics, which members of our exclusive logistics network follow with great commitment:

  • Apollo members refrain from back-selling to each other’s customers both at country of origin and country of destination.
  • Apollo members commit to contribute to the goals of the network, as outlined in the concept details.
  • Apollo members commit to support the running programs offered by the network (container incentive programs, insurance programs, …) as much as possible.
  • Apollo members commit to honor the rules and regulations set by both the network and FIATA in respect of the usage of the Atlas Line house bills of lading.
  • Apollo members commit to honor the rules and regulations set by the USA Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and from any other national or international shipping, forwarding or maritime association.
  • Apollo members commit to reply to all freight inquiries within 48 hours, if possible even within 24 hours.
  • Apollo members commit to reply to all sales leads within 72 hours.
  • Apollo members commit to pay their membership fees and any other dues linked to Apollo programs or conferences in a timely manner, and not later than 30 days after invoice date.
  • Apollo members commit to attend the annual Apollo World Conference.
  • Apollo members commit to work closely together in a friendly family atmosphere, while respecting each other’s culture, religion and political situation.
man using a calculator and showing the text "ethics""

An exclusive logistics network with a respectful payment attitude

Since our exclusive logistics network is built on trust, we truly believe it is essential that our international logistics agents treat each other with mutual respect. This also implies a respectful payment attitude. Our special Payment Protection Program (3P) guarantees our members they are in good hands.